These resources are for the activist in you! Not only do we want to discuss the issues, but a little bit about how to advocate for yourself too.
And before taking action, please contact us! We’re here to help!

This page:
Lobbying Resources
Human Trafficking Resources
We’ll keep adding info as it is developed.

Lobbying Resources

Advocacy Toolkit for Massage Therapists
Advocacy Toolkit for Massage Therapists

Note: We encourage you to get involved, but we also think it’s important for you to partner with local associations and more experienced political activists. This toolkit also says something about that. Contact us, we’d like to help!

Language has implications and unintended consequences and it’s important for you to understand that. For example, putting a phrase about prohibiting sex in the scope of practice sounds good on the surface, but it’s not

How many professions actually talk about that in their job description (which is what a scope is)? They don’t, because it doesn’t belong there. It’s much better to put that type of language in unprofessional conduct rules or laws. Had it been put into our scope in Montana in 2019 (which it almost was), it would have sexualized our profession rather than separating us from it.

Human Trafficking Resources

Human trafficking disguised as massage businesses, also known as sex parlors, are rampant in our industry – so we’ve been told. It’s not. There are far more law-abiding businesses. But we are made to pay. Billings enacted a law in 2021 that treats all of us like criminals. It is one of the more egregious ones out there as it allows inspections in private spaces and for any reason – even beyond violations of the ordinance. It’s so horrible that the Pacific Legal Foundation is suing the City of Billings in Federal court for constitutional violations.

The first resource, Respect Massage covers info how to protect yourself. 

The other resources – The Billings Materials – are here to provide information for any other cities / towns wanting to fight the ordinance. We aren’t posting it here, but there is a lot that we learned in the process that could help in fighting future ordinances. Contact us, we’re ready to help!

This link takes you to the support page that is helpful information including how to get your name removed from a sex site. 
ABMP also offers continuing education on the site (for a fee if you are not an ABMP member). Good stuff!

The Billings Materials

While these materials were developed with Billings, MT in mind, site specific info has been taken out as much as possible to facilitate you using these materials in your city. We left it in where it was important to set a context.

A local group tried to put out a document with myths and facts. We responded. There’s good info in there about some of the justifications that they may use and how those arguments can be rebutted.

Just like the topic says: These ordinances typically don’t work or could be done in a way that is not harmful to massage therapists. 

This page covers a variety of topics. Some are specific to the Billings law, but most can be applicable to most of the laws being proposed out there. 

Videos include short form videos and a few long form videos.
Short Form:
– How an anti-trafficking expert agrees with our solution (2:28)
– How the law would put LMTs in danger (0:48)
– How the law is discriminatory (0:38)

And 2 long form videos covering a wide variety of topics.

And a poll showing just how many LMTs opposed the ordinance

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