Videos & Poll

The Massage Therapy Committee for a Better Solution was a name chosen for organizational purposes.

These videos will help explain massage therapists’ viewpoint on the city’s ordinance. 

The short form videos are at the top of the page, the longer videos are at the bottom.

Short Videos

An expert validates our view on the proposed ordinance.  Length: 2:28

The ordinance puts legally practicing massage therarpists in danger. Length: 0:47

The ordinance is discriminatory. Length: 0:38

The Poll

We’ve been polling massage therapists that work in Billings. These numbers change all the time and we’ll keep you updated when they do. These are the current numbers.

So far, not one LMT that we’ve polled supports the city’s proposal. 

Long Videos

This is Part 2 of the 2-part series. 
The interviews were conducted before the city re-wrote the ordinance, so all of the concerns we have with the ordinance are not considered here. 

This video covers: 

  • Expert Validates what we said (1:05)
  • Some general concerns (3:33)
  • Issue: Sexualized  language (10:05)
  • Issue: Fingerprint background check (12:28)
  • Issue: Unlocked doors (14:01)
  • Issue: Covered windows (14:59)
  • Issue: LMT on the premises to be open (15:20)
  • Issue: Restricted hours (16:55)
  • Issue: Prohibited lubricants (17:47)
  • Issue: Contraceptive wording (18:12)
  • Issue: Code enforcement (18:53)
  • Issue: Pushing sex parlors into the county doesn’t save victims.
  • Other Solutions:
    HB 749 (21:32)
    Massage Therapists’ Rewrite (22:40)

This is Part 1 of the 2-part series.
It’s a long form video with 3 parts… We’ll eventually split it up into parts and add content to each.  We thought we’d update the poll, but decided it was just easier to do this on the page and not the video. So, since the city re-wrote the ordinance, a few things are slightly out of date.

What’s in the video?

  1. The impact of the proposed ordinance on massage therapists – 11 min.
  2. If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu – 10 min.
    Massage therapists have been excluded and disenfranchised from the process.
    • This part addresses the politics behind what’s going on and we think that’s important to understand.
    • What’s being said publicly by various city officials is spun to make it look like we’ve had a place at the table, but we haven’t.
    • The organization behind these types of ordinances have excluded massage therapists’ input and participation on a national level…. And now on a local level.
  3. The Massage Therapy re-write proposal.- 7 min
    Our compromise proposal and how it works. We also address some of the criticisms coming from the anti-trafficking groups.

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  1. Thanks for asking!
    For Videos: Refer them to this page (
    For Contact info for the council: That information is at the bottom of this page:
    I’m also sending you an email from Deb Kimmet as I have a private question for you!

  2. Maureen Ziegler

    This video is very well done! Kudos. How can we share this with others not involved as massage therapists , but who want to be informed to support us and to contact council members?

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