Serving the massage therapy community...

Our mission is simple...

The Business League for Massage Therapy & Bodywork,. a not-for-profit organization, acts as an advocate for and promotes the furtherance of the profession of massage therapy and bodywork.

We promote the common interest of the massage therapy and bodywork community in all of its diversity regardless of organizational affiliation and training. 

Who we are...

The BLMTB is a group of massage therapists, bodyworkers, and somatic practitioners who see the need for an advocacy group that will promote and embrace the ever expanding diversity of our profession.

Our goal is to provide a counterpoint to the national professional organizations. Their job, and rightly so, is to represent, protect, and retain their memberships.

The BLMTB’s goal is to advocate for the profession as a whole, free of such constraints. 

What we do...

The BLMTB calls attention to any issues that might be of concern to our community.

The BLMTB Board monitors the activities of the Montana Board of Massage Therapy, The Montana Legislature and national organizations such as the AMTA and the ABMP.

Emails / Newsletters / Alerts
When something happens in the community that we think you should know about, we contact you via our free email newsletter.

If we believe that something will adversely affect our community, we step forward to take an active role

Please Donate...

All of our activities are made possible through the support of our volunteers, our members, and your donations. Presently, no one is paid for the work we do or reimbursed for our expenses. We truly are a volunteer organization. But funding is needed to cover the tangible costs: mailings, the mailbox, the website and legal filings. Please support us with a donation or by becoming a member!